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Cycling Tour de Taiwan

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

On April 2, 2016, my Dad and I began our 9-day trip around Taiwan with Giant Bicycles. Back then, I was only 11 years old and had no prior experience cycling adjacent to huge trucks that took absolutely no mercy on us. I expected to crash at some point during this trip, and I did - on Day 1.

I didn't get hit by truck - I just lost balance.

So I sat in the patrol car for the entirety of that day's trip. Of course I was scared to be out there with those trucks and our "speed cyclists", but I just felt like I need to do this. I wasn't going to waste those 9 days sitting on that car watching other people pursuing their dreams.

Reviving on Day 2

On the next day, I was pumped and ready to go regardless of the fact that I crashed the day before. That feeling was extraordinary. At that moment, nothing stopped me from carrying my bike onto the road and pedaling again.

Ready to Carry on

Days flew by quick, and we were on the last day of our trip. In the midst of a heavy rain shower, the visibility was so low that all of us had to turn on our flashlights and bike as slowly as we could. It did not feel good being soaked, but it did feel good being soaked by the hard work that would soon pay us off with our certifications of completion. I wasn't just proud of being able to cycle 584 miles in 9 days, but I was ready to carry on my fighting spirit onto future challenges.

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